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After a while I think I had found enough interesting tools and projects to write about. Each following topic introduce one tool/project. Most of the time I quote from the linked web page a short description.

So lets start with the first one.



Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja2. It's intended for getting started very quickly and was developed with best intentions in mind.

I already wrote that I started to learn Python on my own. Now I found this nice web framework, which makes it easy to start writing your own web app (in python, obvious)

Flask is surrounded by a mass of really good documentation and tutorials. Follow the links and get in touch.

Docs and Tutorials

Database related frameworks

Virtual env

I thought I do not need it, but after a while it is much nicer to split up python project setups. In Flask Docs I found a short explenation, how to use it. That was enough for me to directly start with it. In combination with Autoenv, you never have to thing about your setup again.

Flask Virtual Env Doc



If a directory contains a .env file, it will automatically be executed when you cd into it.

This tool does a lot of magic I already searched for. It supports you with setting environment variables or do anything you need, if you cd into a project folder. You are able to create a ".env" file which will become executed each time you cd into the containing folder.

Jetbrains Toolbox App

Blog post

When I program a language, than normally I use one of the Jetbrains IDEs to have as much comfort as I could get. Even this block post is written using PyCharm. Not because I program any Python code. It just contains the best editor with multi line selection I ever saw.

The Toolbox App give you a overview over all of your Jetbrains IDEs installed and the containing projects.


Ubuntu/Debian process manager

Supervisor is a process manager which makes managing a number of long-running programs a trivial task by providing a consistent interface through which they can be monitored and controlled.

Just saw it, looks like easy to use for auto starting apps on a device.