Python features I didn't know about

Today I saw some code that showed me, that I not noticed some cool features since I joined the python universe.


Python 3.4 introduces a new module called enum. Which provides Enum and Flag creation.

Enum example

from enum import Enum, auto

class Color(Enum):
    RED = auto …

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Python Basic Log Config

I already faced a lot of times where I searched for a kind of normal logging behavior for a python project/script. Here is my snippet.


  • Log levels <= INFO on stdout
  • Log levels > INFO on stderr

Code or Gist

import logging
import sys

def configure(logger: logging.Logger = logging …

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Spring Security Overview

Spring Security

This post is focusing on Spring security, especialy in case of Spring Boots Autoconfiguration.

Please check also Spring Security Guide which explains nearly everything on its own.

Here I want to write down a small overview to keep everything in mind what I read.

Getting started

Setup a …

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Updates I


After a while I think I had found enough interesting tools and projects to write about. Each following topic introduce one tool/project. Most of the time I quote from the linked web page a short description.

So lets start with the first one.



Flask is a …

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Python Crossmodule Variables

Hello, I started a while ago a private python project. After some time of finding my way through the new language and the gui framework tkinter, I found an eventbus library.

I started to refactor my project to separate some stuff into modules and to think about a valuable use …

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