Python Editor for Human Resource Machine

Hello, I started to learn python a few months ago. To find a motivation and reason to learn more and more I searched for a project. I found these project while I was playing Human Resource Machine.

I thought that it would be nice if I could write the commands …

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Archlinux/Raspberry Pi - Setup SCM-Manager


SCM-Manager is a lightweight version control server. SCM-Manager manages 3 systems: GIT, Subversion and Mercurial.

And it provides an easy installation and plugin support for stuff like LDAP authentication and much more.


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Blogging in Github

Joshua Lande - Blog Using Jekyll, Github and poole


Kramdown Syntax


Neo-HPSTR Jekyll template

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JSF Livecycle

Life Cycle



(Übernommen von Tutorialspoint)

Phase 1: Restore view

JSF begins the restore view phase as soon as a link or a button is clicked and JSF receives a request. During this phase, the JSF builds the view, wires event handlers and validators to UI components and saves the …

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Archlinux/Raspberry Pi - Der erste User

Arch Linux auf dem Raspberry Pi installieren


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Eine SD-Card passend zum Raspberry Pi Modell

Durch die ersten Schritte hilft uns Jan Karres (Seinen Blog kann ich nur empfehlen, zum Thema Raspberry Pi findet man unglaublich viele tolle Anleitungen)

Installation Archlinux

(Schritte 1-8; Schritte 9-11 optional)

Weitere Quellen …

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